Who We Are

People build legacies. Technology can expedite processes but only the curiosity of people can elevate thought. Undoubtedly then, visionaries are the foundation of successes that set standards and help markets develop.

For close to 60 years now, Kunvarji understands and values its bedrock of trusting people and best helping them to deliver their insight. This faith in our vision, sparked to life by Shri Kunvarjibhai Roopshibhai Thakkar in the nation’s baby steps post-independence, continues to ignite opportunities today. We and our partners and our clients have reinforced relationships over the years and still enjoy the thought of excelling together.

Our Business

Financial Services

At Kunvarji, we believe that your business and future depend upon how well you are capable of safeguarding and boosting your finances. We offer you a leading edge when it comes to managing your finances.
SEBI Regn. Nos. : NSE/BSE/MSEI- INZ000180436 | CDSL: IN-DP-CSDL-390-2007 | Investment Advisor – INA000001001 |
PMS: INP000004540 | MCX/NCDEX/ICEX: INZ000090531

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Agro commodities

At Kunvarji, we understand the agro commodities chain thoroughly. With the help of our expertise and access to diverse markets, we make a direct channel possible between regional suppliers and those who produce global demand.

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Despite growth in agriculture and allied industries in India, warehousing has remained a critically weak link for this sector. Thus, it remains a great matter of concern in the commodity value chain. To remedy this situation, the company has established five-star warehousing facilities, so that this value chain can be strengthened and directly benefit the agro-ecosystem.

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Real Estate

At Kunvarji, we believe in being a strategic partner to your real estate investment requirements. Our business here is to focus on enhancing the value of your assets so that your investments grow and you get the most out of your assets.

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Driven By Knowledge

Kunvarji is a knowledge-driven enterprise. Our knowledge engine is at the core of all our activities. It weaves together everything that we learn from markets, investors, employees, farmers, suppliers, government and macro-economic environment.

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