The Difference between Good Investing and Bad Investing is where
the Insight comes from

Kunvarji is a knowledge driven enterprise. Our knowledge engine is at the core of all our activities. It weaves together everything that we learn from markets, investors, employees, farmers, suppliers, government and macro-economic environment.

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We develop unique actionable insights by synchronizing and cross-pollinating knowledge garnered from each vertical. Through informal participation in the industry, we collect real time data, news and analysis so that our clients make better and informed decision.Our focus is not just about the knowledge we create but also about the resultant value we can derive for our clients.

Our Investment Advisors and senior management is on the advisory board and expert panels of many leading institutions and media outfits, such as cnbc-logo and et-Now . Leading business newspapers and journals for their insights are quoting our experts regularly.


A Monthly News and Analysis magazine published by Kunvarji

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