Despite the growth in agriculture and allied industries in India, warehousing has remained a critically weak link for this sector. Thus, it remains a great matter of concern in the commodity value chain. To remedy this situation, the company has established five-star warehousing facilities, so that this value chain can be strengthened and directly benefit the agro-ecosystem. The unprecedented opportunities created will definitely benefit all the stakeholders in this sector.

Today, we are an integrated player, who provides a one-stop solution to the end-user. This includes a wide portfolio of diversified services providing services to a broad spectrum of people including farmers, millers, traders, commodity exchanges, and even the government.

We have equipped our warehouses with the best-in-class facilities so that they provide real-time usefulness to our clients. We have also implemented post-harvest loss prevention measures in our warehouses so that losses are cut down to manageable levels.






Collateral Management

Cleaning & Grading


Packaging & Bagging