Our People

HR Perspective

At Kunvarji, we work together to make a difference. The difference we make helps our employees to achieve the best results. This makes us open to other perspectives and help us maintain an industry-leading position when it comes to HR practices we follow at Kunvarji.

Our perspectives are fashioned in such a way that Kunvarji attracts the brightest of talent wherever we operate in the country.  We make our employees capable of developing their skills and potential, improve their learning and advance their well-being.

Not only do we attract and retain the best talent, but we seek to be an employer of choice wherever we extend our presence. Talent development is our main thrust areas, which means that we develop the next generation of financial experts in India.  We aim to build stronger partnerships with local colleges and universities so that students and pass-outs gain realistic work experience and obtain real-world project opportunities in various functions across the business landscape.


As part of our HR initiative, career development is also high on our priorities. It is our goal to ensure that employees are able to develop their professional abilities while traversing and growing on their career path successfully.

The opportunities that we offer through our career development program are developed in response to the feedback that we have received over the years from our past as well as present employees. Browse some of our career opportunities here.

Life @ Kunvarji

Life at Kunvarji is full of passion and excitement along with professionalism and the urge for growth. We are of the opinion that by providing unlimited opportunities for learning, our employees develop a true and loyal spirit, through which they can meet their career aspirations and perform successfully.

We have combined the best of learning methods with the practical experiences from the financial world to hone our expertise and deliver to the best of our clients’ expectations.

This section depicts the wonderful life of our employees at Kunvarji. Please feel free to browse this section at your convenience.