Mobile Trading

Introducing you to the new age of Kunvarji Mobile Trading

Smartphones and 3G have revolutionized the way you stay connected with the world. Technology has made it easier to access any information – anywhere, anytime. You can now use this same technology to stay up-to-date on your investments with Kunvarji Mobile Trading. You can get financial market updates on the move. Managing your portfolio gets much easier as you are in constant touch with your investments. Now, track top stocks and tap the right opportunities at the right time from any place as per your convenience.
Please download Mobile Trading Apps from below link –

For Android User –
Android User Click Here (Available in Android Market)

For Iphone User –
Iphone User Click Here (Available in Itunes Store)

For Blackberry User –
Blackberry User Click Here (Available in Blackberry World)

Download this app, and contact us for your ID and Password.