Key People


Since its inception sixty years ago, Kunvarji has come a long way. The firm, founded by the luminary Shri Kunvarjibhai Roopshibhai Thakkar stands tall as one of the topmost financial institutions in the country today.

Yet, this vaunted position has not come so easily to Kunvarji. The company has persistently focused on trusting people and helping them deliver their insight. It is exactly this faith in people and Kunvarji’s ability to trust as well as reinforce relationships over the years, which has helped the company grow to the stature that it is today.

We believe in the strong values and principles that Kunvarji stands for. When you work with us, you benefit from our services, which have been aligned with our core values and beliefs.

Being Client-Centric

At Kunvarji, we have always believed that the client always comes first. We always strive to ensure that our clients receive a personalized and creative solution in line with their needs.

Valuing Employees

At Kunvarji, all employees are motivated to value their colleagues, much in the same way as the company values its clients. Kunvarji is committed to its staff and employees to provide them with opportunities for professionals and personal development.

Being Trustful

We always wish that our business with our clients be for the long term – so we ensure that our professional relationships with you are based on trust and integrity.

Excellence and Accountability

At Kunvarji, we understand the importance of excellence in our business. We are personally responsible for every transaction done at Kunvarji and keep our clients informed and updated thoroughly.

Kunvarji, along with its clients and partners, understands how important it is to reinforce relationships over the years and today, still enjoy the thought and art of excelling together.

Our Journey & Milestones

Kunvarji is the reflection and expression of Shri Kunvarjibhai Roopshibhai Thakkar, a timeless visionary gifted with the ability of foresight and prudence. He foresaw across generations to come, which gave the company a legacy that has helped it sustain through all these years. The journey of Kunvarji as a company begins in the early 1960s when Shri Kunvarjibhai’s pragmatic foresight ignited the commodity sector and gave rise to further opportunities. The corporate journey of Kunvarji is replete with many inspiring individuals who were fortunate to inherit the Kunvarji legacy. Brothers Nayan Kunvarji and Chetan Kunvarji Are the promoters who are acknowledged widely as the driving force within the group. Their major focus is on organizing, diversifying, and growing the corporate business at Kunvarji.

With the help of their charismatic leadership and deep passion for the commodities business, the group has now carved out a special niche in the sector and has displayed multi-fold growth in an extremely short span of time.


“We nurture relationships for mutual and sustainable growth, ethically.”


“Organic growth of every relationship, which provides inspiration”


    • Ethical
    • Innovation
  • Relationship
    • Knowledgeable
    • Growth
    • Value Creation
    • Sustainability


Nayan Kunvarji
Chairman & Managing Director

Under his able leadership, the proprietorship firm has transformed into an industry-leading corporate entity with multi-industry and synergized businesses. The group enjoys the patronage of stakeholders in financial services, commodities trading, warehousing & collateral management and real estate advisory.

His Leadership has a firm belief and passion for doing things differently. He has the ability to visualize and respond to changing dynamics and change before time.

He quotes; “What has kept Kunvarji Group growing is a passion to do things differently, an attitude to stay hungry and young.”

Chetan Kunvarji
Jt. Managing Director

One of the promoters of the group who has commenced his career as a trader in the securities market in the year 1996 and has deftly used the computerised trading environment to establish a blazing success trail.

He has concentrated in securities and commodities trading and has devised winning strategies with unique arbitrage opportunities. His decision-making skills, foresight, deep insight and expertise especially in the field of Arbitrage, Hedging, and Physical Delivery Procedures and warehousing is exceptional and noteworthy.

He quotes; “At Kunvarji, it is believed that what it is today is because of its attitude and the initiative of venturing into more focused, structured and organic growth.”


Haren Sheth

A commerce graduate and member of the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange, Mr. Haren Sheth has an enviable record of accomplishment in the financial sector. With an experience of more than 35 years, Mr. Sheth’s expertise in debt management and initial public offerings are invaluable for the Group.

Deval Sheth

A Company Secretary and Chartered Accountant by qualification, Mr. Sheth started his career with Cellulose Products Ltd., and later on, joined the financial services sector. With an experience of 20 years, Mr. Sheth is a sharp analyst with practical execution capacity, who has built acumen for capital markets. As the Director of Strategy, he is a great support to the organisation in terms of strategy implementation.

Kunal Shah
Group CFO

A Chartered Accountant (CA) by profession, he has been an integral part of the Kunvarji core team for over a decade now. A projects man, he is renowned for his expertise in commodities, trading and warehousing infrastructure. His dynamic and global outlook also helps in his leadership of international markets for trading in physical commodities. He manages the overall financial operations of the group companies.

Ankit Sheth
Group COO

A Chartered Accountant with over seven years of experience in capital market operations; Ankit has been pivotal in managing commodity back end operations for futures as well as physical deliveries across exchanges. He presently also manages compliance and risk management for the Financial Services vertical.


Vishal Bhatt
Deputy General Manager

Being an MCSE and a CCNA speaks volumes of the extent of Vishal’s technical expertise. A computer engineer with more than 19 years of experience in evaluating and integrating new technologies, Vishal has worked to make consistent, the strengthening of information technology infrastructure at the Group. He is also instrumental in maintaining the vital technology edge in our businesses, making us more competitive with every passing year and technology innovation.


Himanjal Brahmbhatt
Director of Financial Services

A Chartered Accountant, he has been with the Group since 2004. He has been instrumental in acquiring memberships of exchanges and in building systems and processes for the group with an emphasis on risk management and compliance. He also strategically drives business operations in the financial service division of the group.

Rohit Sehgal
Assistant Vice President

He is a Graduate in Economics and with over fifteen years of experience in sales and marketing of financial instruments. He is an integral part of Kunvarji since 2004 and presently heads the branch sales operations pan India. His expertise lies in managing large teams with diverse product knowledge.

Atul Chokshi

Mr. Atul Chokshi, a Commerce graduate has vast experience in stockbroking business spanning forty years till date, He was admitted as a member of Ahmedabad Stock Exchange -ASE in 1981 and had carried out business as Stock Broker till 2004.

During his association with ASE, he had actively participated in the management of ASE as a member of its Governing Board, Member of Arbitration Committee, Member of Bye-Laws Committee, member of Computerization Committee. He had travelled widely across the major developed financial market as a member of ASE Computerisation Committee as well as a member of SEBI appointed committee on internet trading.

Over the period, he has developed a deep understanding of Exchange operations and compliance requirements for Stock Broker and Depository Participant. He joined Kunvarji Group in 2006 and is presently designated as Group Head – Legal & Compliance, looking after various compliance and legal requirements across all the group companies

Shilpa Agrawal
Deputy General Manager

A chartered accountant with the group since July 2007, she has rich experience and in depth knowledge in the statutory operations related to the capital markets for more than 10 years. Further as a chartered accountant, she has strong acquaintance with statutory requirements, accounting, financial matters and compliances to be fulfilled by members of the stock exchange.

Ravi Diyora
Assistant Manager

He has work experience of about 9 years related to Financial Research of various segments like equities, macro economy and commodities. As a part of Kunvarji Group, he is associated with broadcasting media like CNBC group, DD news, GSTV, VTV and ABP news for delivering views on various segments of financial markets. He has been writing articles on behalf of Kunvarji Group for various print media like Financial Express, Commodity India, Commodity World and Divya Bhaskar related to financial markets. Mr. Ravi has successfully conducted more than 500 seminars releated to awareness of financial markets for investors and traders.


Bhavin Mehta
Director - Physical Commodities

Armed with a post graduate degree in Marketing & International Business, Bhavin has been catalyzing the Group’s commodity and warehousing business, leveraging his experience from his past association with commodity markets at NCDEX. His expertise has been of vital support in new market penetrations, which have grown since, on the strong pillars of relationships nurtured by him.

Ramlal Maheshwari
Assistant Vice President

Almost a decade old, an active Trader (Domestic and International Market) in the agriculture circle with niche product portfolios. He handles the international trading desk with exposure to multiple countries and commodities.


Yashwant Singh

He is an MBA in Agribusiness Management from VAMNICOM (Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer welfare). He has 17 years of experience in the field of agri-business strategy, agri-based retailing, supply chain, warehousing, new market development, commodity finance, agro-based e-commerce business and operations, Commodity Risk Management, Commodity Exchange Business Operations and Compliance, Repository Business Operations, Institutional business linkages with Banks and Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority (WDRA).

He also holds considerable experience in training and capacity building of agri-value chain including Farmers and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs). He has also previously worked with Godrej Agrovet, NCDEX e-Market and Agility Logistics Pvt Ltd.

Mehul Karia

A qualified software engineer and MBA having 11 Years of Experience in Banking, Warehousing, Commodity and Currency Market. His experience in business development in the financial services and commodity segment spans more than a decade. Mr. Karia heads the Western and Southern region for the group.

Dharmesh Makhecha
General Manager

With more than 16 years of experience in software, warehousing, logistics and collateral management, Mr. Makhecha understands the entire circle of the warehousing industry. He successfully manages the field operations for warehousing division and ensures total compliance to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).


Jay Deliwala
Director - Real Estate

With an experience of more than a decade in diverse industries like commodities, currencies, financial services and real estate, he heads the real estate vertical for the group. He has not only been instrumental in successfully setting up the vertical but also creating unique successful models that defy the real estate industry.

Sandeep Sabnani
Vice President – Real Estate

Mr Sandeep Sabnani who is an Expert in Australian & Indian Property markets. He is having over 25 years of experience in Marketing & Sales of which 10 years of being in the Real Estate Industry. He has travelled globally & has vast international exposure. Prior to joining Kunvarji Group, he was Dy. General Manager – Marketing & Sales at Godrej Garden City, Godrej Properties, Ahmedabad.  Sandeep has won several Awards & Accolades from leading Developers of India. Currently he is working as VP (Real Estate) at Kunvarji group.