Wealth Management

Wealth management incorporates financial planning, investment portfolio management and a number of aggregated financial services. It is a professional service designed for high net-worth Individuals and families. Wealth management combines services from various disciplines such as financial advice, tax advisory and regulatory compliance. Wealth plays a special role at many horizons in our life. Right from preserving and protecting, to planning for our future, or leaving a legacy behind, we need a trustworthy companion who understands these financial horizons and offers a comprehensive suite of Wealth Management services.

Leveraging 60 Years of Financial Acumen to Shape Your Wealth
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Kunvarji has evolved Intelligent Investing Quotient– A unique methodology to allow a disciplined and
long-term approach towards Wealth Management.

Intelligent Investing requires a comprehensive strategy to account for inevitable economic ups and downs.
It also involves a methodical approach; right from creating a plan, to building a portfolio of cost-effective
diversified investments and optimizing strategy on a periodic basis. Through our access to research and insight
in Stock Market and Mutual Funds, we design a balanced and diversified investment portfolio. We regularly review
your investment portfolio and take proactive step to optimize and realize your financial future.


informed timely decision
Investment portfolio management
Regular market updates
Tax management and advisory
Online access to web back-office
Cash flow management and budgeting
Trade confirmations
Family business and financial advisory
Risk Management Strategist

Finance demands fairness, openness and transparency. At Kunvarji, we assiste through oversight, review and monitoring by our Financial experts.

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