Insurance is a financial instrument for risk mitigation and safety. It allows a large number of citizens to pool their financial resources under a common entity, so that money can be reimbursed to appropriate person at the time of calamities. We believe that there is nothing more important than covering your life and valuable assets from uncertainties and calamities.

Protecting You from Uncertainty with Superior Choice of Financial Instruments
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A variety of life insurance options are available based on your needs. We offer life insurance options are - Whole life insurance, term insurance, endowment policies, children policies, retirement and group insurance.


Kunvarji offers an array of general insurance products such as - Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance, Property Insurance, Personal Insurance, Liability Insurance, Theft Insurance, Fire Insurance, Burglary Insurance, Accident Insurance, Marine Insurance, Live Stock Insurance, Agri Insurance, Warehouse Insurance and much more.

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Finance demands fairness, openness and transparency. At Kunvarji, we assiste through oversight, review and monitoring by our Financial experts.

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